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What you can expect of MOVE?

Here at MOVE we have  multiple ways of helping you reach your personal health and fitness goal.  We can offer you wellness, orthopaedic and sport science services that you can have access to at our practice in Cape Town.


optimal physical health & Function

Chronic Conditions (NCDs)

(Heart disease / Metabolic disease / Cancers)

Special Populations

(Geriatrics / Disabled / Parkinson’s)

Weight Loss

Corporate Wellness

Vitality Fitness Assessments

Bestmed Wellness Programmes


prevention / prehabilitation / final phase rehabilitation

Sports Injuries

Musculoskeletal Complaints

(Neck & Back pain / Arthritis / Osteo-arthritis)

Postural Awareness & Control

Post-surgical Rehabilitation

Pilates & Functional Training

sport science

optimal performance

Biomechanical / Functional Assessments

Running Analysis

Individualized Sports Conditioning Programmes

Recovery Practices

Cape Town Biokinetics - Werner Meyer